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Mantra Bracelet


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Mantra bracelets have their origin at Buddhist temples, where they provide a donation to the temple in exchange for a blessing by its monks.

These pliable tube bracelets are filled with gold leaf used in Buddhist ceremonies.
They are blessed by a monk and closed and sealed with a sacred mantra, giving it the power of good luck, good fortune, and love.

They are flexible, light, and water-resistant, look fantastic on a sun tanned skin, but will also give a sunny touch to your winter look.

The bracelets age beautifully, and the inside Mantra will turn darker as buddha statues do.

Available in 6 sizes

diameter 5,5 cm/ 2,15 in ( Children size) = size 15
diameter 5,7 cm/ 2,25 in = size 17
diameter 5,9 cm/ 2,35 in = size 18
diameter 6,1 cm/ 2,40 in = size 19
diameter 6,3 cm/ 2,45 in = size 20

PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES TO MEASURE YOUR SIZE and avoid order returns...

To calculate correctly: make a fist, mark the middle of the two outer knuckles, lay the hand FLAT, measure the distance between the two points. That way you find the right diameter. (SEE PICTURES)
These bracelets are flexible, so you can choose a slightly smaller size than you normally use.